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Hi. My name is Rob Cuesta. Back at the start of 2005 I sat down to take stock of my life. Three years before, I had left a safe, comfortable, well-respected job with a fantastic salary to set up my own business, and now - 3 years in - I was feeling pretty low. I had no money, no clients, and I was losing my hope and my dreams. Everything I had worked so hard to build over the last 3 years was slipping away, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I was on the brink of collapse - physically, emotionally and financially. Now, I could have sat down and beaten myself up, worked out all the things I did wrong, called myself every name under the sun - it's what a lot of people do.

Instead, I thought about the tools I had learned over the preceding years, but had been forgetting to apply in my own life. I took a sheet of paper and I wrote the word 'Goals'. Over the next two hours I wrote and wrote and wrote. I ended up with 100 sentences; everything from how much money I wanted to earn, to what clothes I wanted to wear, the places I wanted to visit on holiday, the people I wanted to meet. And then I put the sheet away.


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Over the next 12 months I turned my life around. By the end of that year, the company's turnover was within £4k of the goal I'd set, I'd booked two of the vacations from my goal list (even though I'd forgotten they were on the list),  had a new sports car, and I have never looked back.

What had I done? I had put into action the tools and techniques of NLP - tools and techniques I had learned 5 years earlier but, foolishly, had never applied - to support and drive my success. It wasn't automatic. It wasn't a case of 'sending a message to the universe' and waiting for the good times to roll. It took effort. It took time. Above all, it took action. But NLP gave me the tools I needed to find inside myself the focus, the motivation and the determination that I had lost over the preceding years of struggle. That's my story. It's why I am passionate about NLP, and it's why I do everything I can to give as many people as possible access to these tools.


Experience the power of NLP

Do you work in a career or business where it would be useful to understand your customers and staff better? Do you ever wish you could get inside someone's mind and figure out how their thought processes work? How useful would it be to know if someone is lying or telling the truth? Could you be more successful personally and professionally if your communication skills were better? Do you ever get fired up about a project then start to think of all the reasons why it's not possible and why you couldn't make it work?

NLP gives you the tools you need to address these areas and more. Whether you are in sales, management, consultancy, coaching, customer services, therapy, the medical or complementary health professions, or run your own business, NLP can provide tools and techniques to enhance your performance and make you even more successful. In the right hands, these tools can recession proof your career or business.

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