I completed my NLP Practioner with Solution Academy in April 2009. I took the course because I wanted and needed better skills in human communication. I had just been through the toughest time of my life, having lost a significant amount of money, my confidence, and the will to live. I had reached the bottom of the barrel. I wanted - and needed - to understand why I couldn't seem to get back on my feet no matter what I did or read.

Throughout the course I found Rob to be inspiring and highly competent in his teachings. The classes were small and intimate which really brought forward a real connection between us students and the teacher - some of which I am proud to say will be my friends for life.
I would recommend Solution Academy to anyone who is thinking about becoming qualified in NLP. The week I spent with Rob was one of the most profound and productive weeks of my entire life.
Jatinder Spall , London


Rob is a very empathetic instructor with that rare ability to create a safe space for you to explore the new concepts. If you don’t understand it the first time round he changes his language to ensure you get the most from the lesson, and if you fall on your face he picks you up and sets you up again still facing forward.

Having the course materials prior to the course helped me embrace the change of language and gave me a good idea of the pace of the course.  At the end of each session the material also helped to remind me of the subjects covered and built the whole course step by step.

The biggest change I’ve noticed in myself is that I don’t get caught up in “people’s stories” and their agenda’s.  I feel much more self assured and am able to discern the actual from people’s agendas. Other people have commented that my “brick wall” has reduced somewhat!!  Most of the comments I now receive are about how easily I seem make things happen / appear and how do I keep so calm at times of extreme stress.

I had a couple of light bulb moments during the course which were brilliant; one enabled me to resolve a work issue with a manager that had been ongoing for seven years.  But I have to say the greatest, most permanent change is having a sense of being in control and being able to deal with whatever I’m faced with: I have a great sense of security from within myself, a sense assuredness of my ability to cope and get the best out of any situation, and a sense of self belief that even I believe!
Sally Claxton, Southampton


Rob is a highly focussed and motivational character. He is passionate about his work and is great to spend time with if you need to be taken up a level.
Wendy M, Fleet


Working with Rob creates a warm feeling that leaves you energetic for hours.
Amanda S, London


I attended two of Rob's workshops in 2003: both of them were brilliant!
Jens P, USA


Helps you to dream, and see that you can do whatever you want in your life. It’s just a matter of setting goals and working for them.
Somesh M, London


It was great fun to have this session with you.
Rose L, Coventry


High level of enthusiasm and relaxed atmosphere
Paul M, London


Rob has natural presentation and entertaining skills, so the workshop is a lot of fun.
Michael Z, Germany


He is a creative and wise person, and at the same time inspires people to reach what they set. People feel predominant optimism around themselves.
Stacy L, Coventry


Open minded and creative.
Shirley C, Coventry


Rob has a great manner about him. Sets high standards for himself and those around him.
Rakesh C, Portsmouth


Great leader and presenter,
Andrew K, Stoke


Feedback from one-to-one work

Rob is an excellent coach as he has the industry experience and top notch business qualifications to be able to relate and advise to my individual situation. Combining these qualities with his calm demeanour, compassion and his sincere desire to want me to succeed, Rob has been a necessary resource in making my business and career decisions.
Paul C, London


Rob has helped me a lot over the last few years, working on my long term career plan. I did my MBA at Warwick Business School and although I did not have prior consultancy experience, my goal was to find a job in change management consulting. During the MBA and also in the application phase, Rob coached me on the way to achieving my goal. This was with career counselling (finding out whether my skills were suited for a consulting career, identifying development areas and working out a plan to close the gaps) and more practical advice on specific companies and a networking approach. Also now, working in the consultancy, I receive further coaching from Rob, evaluating the experiences I have and working on my long term career options. This is counselling on the current situation and how to deal with lifestyle issues, evaluating my current position, think about what other skills to acquire in the short term in order to fulfil my long term goals.

The coaching I received from Rob is always professional. He is aware of my needs and helps me with the appropriate tools. I like working in a structured way, so Rob suggests frameworks, matrices, lists and exercises I can use to think about my goals and next steps. We have agreed that I send regular status reports on my progress; Rob also checks on progress, this is a good way to actually make the time to work on the long term career goals. He also suggests helpful reading material which helps redirect thinking.

Rob emphasised early on in our coaching relationship that a coach cannot take decisions for a coachee, but can help the coachee to come to his / her own decisions. This works very well for me and I appreciate the support Rob gives me to find my own way.

What I appreciate about the work with Rob is that he is professional and objective, he has a wealth of experience he can draw from, he gives me tips and lets me profit from his experience and makes me think. When I need a nudge in order to proceed with my career planning, he takes the time and we schedule regular meetings for a check on progress. I find it very important to have a trusted person to be able to talk about your career outside your immediate work environment. You shouldn’t lose sight of your long term career goals when you are immersed in the short term requirements of your job.
Cathrin K, London