The terms "we", "us" and "our" when used below refer to Solution Academy Limited; "you" and "your" refers to the participant or client.  

We want you to be totally comfortable with working with us. However our lawyers, bankers and cerdit card processor told us that the only way THEY were comfortable working with us was if we scared the pants off you with lots of legalese so here it is! Smile

If you have any questions about the policies below feel free to call us.


Privacy Policy

We hate spammers as much as you do. Therefore we will never share your contact details with any third party without asking your permission first.

Solution Academy Ltd will hold your details on file and on computer and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, you are able to view your individual file by giving not less than seven days written notice and paying an administrative fee of £10+VAT.


Financial data 

We do not store financial data about you in the normal course of business. If you've set up a standing order or direct debit then obviously our bank will have that information on its secure servers, however we will not keep a record of it on our own systems.

If you pay by credit card we will either submit it immediately to our payment processor , or if you're paying while we're away from the office we will record the information on paper and destroy it as soon as we have processed the payment.


Business communication 

We routinely use email, telephone and mail. If you contact us with an enquiry, we'll normally respond using the same medium unless you ask us to do something else (so if you email us, we'll email you back unless you ask us to do something else like call you)

From time to time, we may send automated messages to keep past students and enquirers updated on news and offers, and these will always include a desubscribe link to allow you to opt out of receiving that type of communication. These are processed on our own servers so your contact information is safe.

If you spot any errors in the information we hold about you drop us a lline with the details and we'll update our database.


Delivery Policy

Physical products are sent by Royal Mail unless specified in the product listing. If no separate P&P charge is shown then it is included in the total price quoted.

P&P charges (including those which are part of the total product cost) are based on delivery to the UK mainland. If you need us to send something anywhere else, let us know and we'll be pleased to quote for postage to your destination, either by postal service or by a mutually agreed carrier.

You can request expedited delivery anywhere in the UK or abroad, at additional cost, and we will be pleased to provide you with a quote for this.

If you book a course that includes prestudy materials, we typically send these out to all students together, 4-6 weeks before the first day of the course, subject to the exception below.


Products will only be sent once payment in full has been received and cleared in our account. If you are paying for a training course with prestudy materials, these will only be despatched once the registration fee has been settled and cleared. 


Registration for Training

Before you are accepted onto a paid training, you must complete a course registration which may include additional detailed terms and conditions for the course. In the event of a conflict between those T&Cs and any policy on this page, the terms sent in the registration will apply.  Once you return your registration we will send you confirmation of your registration together with an invoice.

All paid courses include a registration fee of 25% of the total fee, unless otherwise specified in the training registration form.  

Once you pay your registration fee and it clears into our account, your registration is definite and your place on the course is reserved.

To ensure the quality of the training course as well as the intended end result, we reserve the right to refuse registration of a participant.

Participant Fees

You must settle all course fees in full 6 weeks prior to the start date of the programme.

If payment is late, we reserve the right to refuse you entry to the training course, and retain the right to claim full or partial payment of the fees. In default of payment all costs such as loss of interest, collection charges and legal costs are for you.


By paying the registration fee, you acknowledge that you enter training of your own free will and accept complete responsibility for your well being at all times.  You further acknowledge that you are of sound mind and body to participate in any of the activities within the programme that could be mentally or emotionally demanding. You are not under medical, psychological or any other care that prohibits you from performing any of the techniques and do not hold Solution Academy Ltd responsible for any mental, emotional or physical reactions that could result from the training and activities or this programme.

If, after the initial registration, any changes occur to the provisions mentioned in the preceding paragraph please notify us in writing. If you are required to cancel the course for this reason, our regular policies for cancellation are applicable.

Registration is dependent on satisfactory completion and submission of the registration form, as provided by Solution Academy Ltd. You certify that all answers given on this form are true and complete.

Intellectual Property

Solution Academy Ltd reserves all rights on the basis of the Copyright law. All material issued by Solution Academy Ltd, such as brochures, training materials, manuals, sheets, syllabi, and any other written materials used in the training courses, are for the exclusive use of the participant and may not be copied, published or shared with third parties, unless with the advance permission of Solution Academy Ltd.

You are not permitted to make sound recordings during the training.

You may make film/photo recordings at agreed times during a training. Permission from the trainers needs to be explicity given for each instance.

From time to time we record or film events for sales, marketing, promotional or quality control purposes.  By attending an event, you consent to being filmed for the duration of the event and agree that Solution Academy Ltd shall retain all Intellectual Property Rights arising from any resulting media. 



Solution Academy Ltd is only liable for damage as a result of neglect on the part of Solution Academy Ltd, if:

  • The damage is resulting from deliberate or gross negligence on the part of Solution Academy Ltd
  • Solution Academy Ltd's liability, in the case of indirect damage, or damage/injury as a result of damage, missed profit, missed economies and damage through company stagnation, is excluded.
  • Solution Academy Ltd is by no means liable for anything that happens outside of the training hours, or is not part of training. This includes but is not limited to breaks, before and after training activities.
  • Solution Academy Ltd is by no means liable for what a participant does with knowledge obtained during the training/education course.

The applicant is liable for all damages which are a result from their actions or neglect, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Direct and indirect damage/injury the participant causes other students, that are not a result of course participation or exercises.
  • Direct and indirect damage/injury the participant causes hotel/training venue property, or staff.
  • Direct and indirect damage/injury the participant causes the Solution Academy Ltd property and staff. Anything the participant does with the knowledge obtained during the training/education.

Job Placement

Solution Academy Ltd does not guarantee job placement to graduates upon programme/course completion or upon graduation.


Returns, Refunds And Cancellations

We aim to provide a suitable environment for the purposes of studying the techniques, theories, and methods of NLP.  In doing so it incumbent upon Solution Academy Ltd and its agents to make reasonable efforts to provide a classroom setting that is intellectually stimulating, thought provoking, free flowing, fun and most of all safe.  In keeping with these goals the following policies will be strictly enforced.

Products and Services

The school will refund all money paid if the applicant cancels within five (5) business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and holiday’s) after the day the contract is signed or an initial payment is made, as long as you have not begun training and no pre-study materials have been issued to you (for the purposes of this clause, materials are deemed to be issued when they are handed to you in person by an employee of the company, or they are handed over to the Royal Mail or a despatch company).

Any service or product purchased via the website or in person can be cancelled within 7 days for any reason, by giving written notice by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by post to Solution Academy Ltd, Office 54, 19b Moor Road, Broadstone, Dorset BH18 8AZ, United Kingdom. In the event of a cancellation, 15% of the original fee will be deducted to cover Administration Costs, unless otherwise specified in the service agreement, registration form, or below.

The student must return any study materials in full and in their original condition. If we do not receive the mateirals within 7 days of your cancellation you will be invoiced for the full purchase price of the materials.

Exceptions Any setup costs that were charged at the time of your order are non refundable. Any such costs will be specified in the product or service details.

Memberships and Subscriptions

Once purchased, annual memberships or subscriptions are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Any refund during that period will only be made in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of Solution Academy Ltd.

Monthly memberships or subscriptions may be cancelled by giving one month's notice by giving written notice in writing by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by post to Solution Academy Ltd, Office 54, 19b Moor Road, Broadstone, Dorset BH18 8AZ, United Kingdom.

Exceptions Any setup costs that were charged at the time of your order are non refundable. Any such costs will be disclosed in the purchase agreement sent to you before we accept your payment.

Cancellation And Refund Policy For Training Programmes

Solution Academy Ltd will not normally accept payment until a student has been accepted onto a programme.

In the event a class is cancelled by the school before training commences, all monies paid will be refunded.  This refund is for school tuition only and does not include expenses paid for travel, lodging, food or other costs.  Thirty (30) days notice must be provided by the school in the event of a complete cancellation. 

The school may retain an established registration fee equal to 25% of the total tuition plus any applicable costs related to application processing or establishing a student record system if the student cancels after the fifth business day after signing a contract or making an initial payment. 

If training is terminated by the student, after classes have started, and within two (2) days the school retains 25% of the course fee. In the event the student terminates training after two days of classes, no refund will be given unless otherwise agreed between Solution Academy Ltd and the student.

When calculating refunds, the official date of a student’s termination is the later of

  • The last day of recorded attendance
  • When the school receives notice of the student’s intention to discontinue the training programme
  • When the student is terminated for policy or safety violation
  • When a student, without notice, fails to attend classes for more then 8 hours without prior notice or arrangement

All refunds must be paid within thirty calendar days of the students official termination date.


Discontinued Programmes

If, in exceptional circusmtances, the school discontinues instruction in any programme after the students enter training, including circumstances where the school changes its location, students must be notified in writing of such events and are entitled to a pro-rata refund of all tuition and fees paid unless comparable training is arranged for by the school and agreed upon, in writing, by the student.  A written request for such a refund must be made within ninety (90) days from the date the programme was discontinued or relocated and the refund must be paid within thirty (30) days after receipt of such a request.

If training is terminated by the school after classes  have started, the following refunds apply:


 Training completed                             

 School Retains

 Up to 10% of the total training programme  


 Up to 25% of the total training programme


 Up to 50% of the total training programme


 Up to 75% or more



Termination by the School

A student who fails to maintain satisfactory progress, violates safety regulations, interferes with other student’s work or class, is obscene, has the appearance or exhibits signs consistent with being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or does not make timely tuition payments, is subject to immediate termination.

Solution Academy Ltd reserves the right to deny any individuals access to registration, the training event in its entirety, or any part of the training without prior notification or explanation.


Cancellation of Classes

The school reserves the right to cancel a starting class if the number of students enrolling is insufficient.  Such a cancellation will be considered a rejection by the school and will entitle the student to a full refund of all money paid. Refunds are for tuition only and do not include the associated costs of travel, food, lodging etc.



Solution Academy Ltd reserve the right to substitute trainers as needed.


Purpose of Training

All training is for educational purposes only and it is not a substitute for proper medical or psychological treatment. A student whom suspects or know that he/she is suffering from any physical or psychological ailment or condition, then he/she assure to seek appropriate medical or psychological treatment before attending Solution Academy Ltd.

The training does not offer a qualification in psychology or psychiatry and no student will be allowed to claim or imply that they have been certified or approved in any of these areas by Solution Academy Ltd.

The only certifications and titles each student is legally allowed to carry are the ones stated on the certifications received from Solution Academy Ltd. The legality of the use of titles such as “therapist”, “specialist”, “healer” or any other title are subject to your local laws, national and international laws and restrictions.


Retaking Training Policy

We encourage students to retake their certyfication training to keep their skills current, subject to the following conditions:

1. You will need to complete a formal registration

2. You must attend the Programme in full. If you wish to attend only part of a programme, this can only be done as an observer, not as a participant.

3. Students may only retake under this policy if the maximum amount of course participants are not met. We reserve the right to cancel registration at any time, and in those circumstances you will be offered a place on an alternative programme or you may send a substitute.

4. There will be no charge for training, however you mill be asked to pay for manuals, meeting room, catering and any other costs. The total amount will be agreed during the registration process.

5. We limit the number of places allowed on each training programme under this policy, and places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

7. Students who failed to maximize the benefit of the taught materials in their original training due to their own lack of participation and effort, may not retake training under this policy.

9. We reserve the right to deny any individuals access to registration, the training event in its entirety, or any part of the training without prior notification or explanation.


Policy Changes

Solution Academy Ltd reserves the right to change their policies at any time, without permission, provided that already registered students receive written notification of these specific changes.

In the event a registered student is unhappy with the changes - and has not previously indicated their intent to cancel their registration of their own free will - they may withdraw their registration, and this will be treated a sa cancellation by the company for the purposes of calculating refunds.